them. more

A Thought Experiment for "Pro-Life" Extremists
Huffington Post 04/05/2013 - "Pro-life," antiabortion extremists are the most extreme extremists in the country. Their only competition are the minutemen, militia gun guys who are arming themselves for a guerrilla war against the US government. You go, gun guys! I'm in awe of your craziness. You're really scary. But, you know what? I think the anti-abortion crowd has you beat! more

Putting a Speed Limit on Change
Huffington Post 04/02/2013 There's nothing harder than change, even the most trivial change. Whenever I go to Starbucks in the morning and feel like eating something in addition to getting a cup of coffee, I always order the same thing: the Sausage and Cheddar Classic Breakfast Sandwich. Each time I follow the same routine: I quickly survey all the other food choices available and immediately reject every single one in favor of my beloved Sausage and Cheddar Classic. more

Is It Right to Call a Bigot a Bigot?
Huffington Post 03/29/2013 - I hate name calling. It's disrespectful, offensive and just plain stupid. If you're not like me and love name calling, then (no surprise) the Internet is the perfect place for you, especially social media sites like YouTube and Twitter. Or maybe you should just have your own blog. There are lots of really offensive name callers out there, but in my experience the worst ones are the gun

advocates. I'm talking about minuteman militia-type guys who laugh at the idea that the Second Amendment is about self-defense. more

The Bigger the Lie, the More People Believe It
Huffington Post 03/22/2013 - It's true: Lies work. They work really well. How's that? Well, people believe them. That's why you tell a lie in the first place, isn't it? So that people will believe it. But here's the amazing thing: The bigger the lie, the more people believe it. I mean that in both ways. If you tell a really big lie, lots and lots of people will believe it, and they will believe it really deeply - even religiously. more

Meet the New Pope: Same as the Old Pope
Huffington Post 03/18/2013 A lot of people seemed to get really excited about the election of the new pope, as if the Catholic Church were crowning a new king or queen. People seem to really like kings and queens. I don't. I've always hated kings, with a few exceptions, like Martin Luther King Jr., Nat King Cole and Howard Stern, the so-called "King of All Media". more

The 'Struggle' Over Marriage Equality
Huffington Post 02/01/2013 A lot of people say they struggle over the issue of marriage equality, and I can certainly empathize with them. In my standup act I do a joke that goes like this: It took Barack Obama a long time to tell everybody what he really thought about gay marriage, and it's taken me a long time to come up with my position too. You see I was

really in a dilemma. I'm pro gay, and I'm anti-marriage. But after a lot of soul-searching I've finally taken a position that I'm comfortable with, more

No Words: The Limitations of Language and Cultural Values
Huffington Post 12/31/2012 - I'm very upset that the English language does not allow me to accurately describe myself in some very important ways. When I say "important," I mean it - as in how I think and what my sexual orientation and gender identity are. For example, I rely upon science and reason to determine whether or not something is true. I don't really believe in much of anything, certainly nothing supernatural. What does that make me? more

The Genesis of You Got to Be Kidding!: The Cultural Arsonist's Satirical Reading of The Bible
Huffington Post 12/12/2012 - The genesis of my book, You Got to Be Kidding! The Cultural Arsonist's Literal Reading of the Bible, is kind of strange. I woke up one morning, and the first thing I thought of was that I would read the Bible and when I found something funny, I would write about it. I had never had that thought before, and I don't know why I woke up thinking the Bible was funny, although it is hilarious. more