Norman Redux (official review from The Mailer Review)


"... It is now a pleasure to read criticism of my work at the good high level where Mr. Wenke resides." -Norman Mailer on Mailer's America

The reissue of Joseph Wenke's thoughtful study, Mailer's America, provides renewed hope for a deeper understanding of Mailer's work. No other commentator has focused so relentlessly on the deepest purpose of Mailer's hugely varied oeuvre, namely to "clarify a nation's vision of itself." Wenke's examination inhabits, patrols and maps the territory between the millennial promise of America and its often dispiriting actuality. His study contains probing, nuanced and careful examinations of all Mailer's work though the mid-1980s, including one of the first major examinations of Mailer's most demanding novel, Ancient Evenings. Wenke's book deserves a wide audience, and is essential reading for all who have enjoyed Mailer's work. -J. Michael Lennon

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