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Say What? Joe Wenke'e Satirical Take on the Bible James Isaac Baker, Reading, Writing and Wine, read

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"A radically funny book." -Christopher Rudolph, The Advocate

"This was a very funny book, but if your religion is central to your life, you may be offended and not see the humor in it. If you are one of the many secular minded people and don't mind having the obvious absurdities of the Christian Bible being unmasked, I can all but guarantee that this book will give you a lot of smiles and some guilty laughter as well!" -Mark Abrams

"Wenke bills Kidding as a "satirical reading" of the Bible. Yes, his language is snarky and irreverent, but as Anna Russell used to say in her famous take-offs on Wagner's Ring cycle, "I'm not making this up, you know." ...Wenke takes the reader through Old and New Testaments, wittily and wisely, time after time drawing out the reaction (as in the cherry-picking possibilities of Leviticus and other books),"Oh, really?" Gisele Xtravaganza graces the cover." -E. B. Boatner, Lavender Magazine

"Gisele, the notable transgender fashion model, graces the cover. And that image alone challenges the Bible. A transgender woman in a religious pose. . . . Get [You Got to be Kidding!] on your Kindle or take it on a trip, the time will fly by - boring this is not!" -Transgenderzone

"A riotously funny read, I recommend it to anyone who's ever questioned organised religion, especially that of the Bible-bashing, homophobic kind." -Anna, Look! "This is hilarious! Joe Wenke gives a nod to Mark Twain as he looks at the Bible with fresh eyes and with the pen of a thinking comic." -Bill Baker

"This is without a doubt the funniest book I've ever read. I sat with my parents and read aloud some of the passages and we all laughed a lot!" -Emma Charlton, Bookswithemma

"Very tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic and pointed, dedicated to Christopher Hitchens and Thomas Paine, both of whom would, I believe, really enjoy this book!" -Sarah Hulcey

"Great book! Funny and easy to read." -Violets and Tulips

"The cover of the book itself is a slap in the face of transphobia. . . . If this book accomplishes one thing, I hope it pushes prejudiced people toward acceptance of LGBT people just as they are." -Isaac James Baker, Reading, Writing & Wine

"Brave, brilliant and funny. Page after page, biblical chapter after biblical chapter, absurdity after absurdity, this book delivers laugh after laugh. Joe Wenke has crafted the answer to the fundamentalist literal reading of the Bible with the perfect recipe of rationality, candor and humor." -Max Gelt

"Brilliant . . . for once a funny look at ALL the Bible's insanity." -Jo Bryant

"Would make a really wicked Christmas present for your Christian friends who have a sense of humor and a sense of the ridiculous." -Ed Buckner, American Atheists

"I'm still laughing."
- Paul Wilson

"GREAT. What hogwash we have been fed. Thanks, Joe."
- Colin M. Maybury

"Unforgiving and hilarious."
- Phil