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"Impeccably researched and sharply written. . . . [Dr. Wenke's] wit and incisive perspective consistently deliver humor and important points to anyone willing to open their minds. . . . A work in which you can think, laugh, and ask the important questions is a must-read." -David Nor

"I love the cover and I love the term 'recovering Catholic' of which I believe I am one. I think any one who went to Catholic School in the fifties and sixties . . . probably had many of the same experiences that the author describes from his school years." -Diane Scholl

"It is necessary to call the church out on their horrendous errors and this book is much needed in society. ...Papal Bull is timely and makes for some very interesting reading. Enjoy!" -Lynda Smock

Solid, honest, passionate outstanding book. I also had the misfortune to be raised a catholic. I want to laugh along as joe reminds me so well of so much of it but I can't because it is all, as he points out, so hideously cruel, stupid, ridiculous and obscene. How do they get away with it? And for so long? And as he points out they're far from being the only nuts in the jar. Excellent book, well worth reading. - Anthony(Amazon purchaser)

This book was given to me as an Advanced Review Copy for an honest opinion of it, and I thank the media department, and a whole lotta luck, for letting me get this copy. Whew! I feel like I've been to confession with the universe, (not God, that's a bad fairytale) and I've been absolved of ....something. Thank you, Dr. Wenke, for putting into words and print and citing sources for what I've been thinking about religion, especially Catholicism for a long time. As a kid, I really wanted to believe in God, and if there had been the least bit of evidence for one he would have had me. But I kept looking and nothing.... And I saw, even as a kid, how our congregation was condescendingly treated by the Catholic Church, and I didn't like it. As Dr. Wenke did, I grew up in a large but lower, lower middle class Catholic family, and went to Catholic school. And in my case, he was certainly right about Catholic School in the 60's and having to memorize the Baltimore Catechism. I do remember once in first or second grade trying to ask a question of the priest teaching us out of the catechism. I also vividly remember being stared down like I was some kind of squished worm, and my question was totally ignored. But as Dr. Wenke also notes, we can all write long, long books about those days. And yes, there was a lot of physical and emotional abuse being dealt out. So I completely understood where Dr. Wenke was coming from. read more of this review - Deborah (Amazon purchaser)

"If you enjoyed Wenke's take on the Bible, You Got to Be Kidding! (Books 471), read his exegesis of the Catholic Church's past two thousand years. . . . Mordantly funny, scrupulously researched." -E. B. Boatner, Lavender Magazine "This book masterfully exposes the inconsistencies and ridiculousness surrounding the church's history. I never thought I would be laughing at such serious subject matter, but Dr. Joe Wenke writes with great precision; balancing historical facts with witty satire. It's about time someone stood up and exposed the Catholic Church, and whether you are religious or not, I highly recommend reading this gem." -RM "I may burn in hell for even having read this book." -John C. Wood "This satirical book mocks the church by using actual historical facts. It is a critical and at times humorous analysis of the church's history from a modern perspective." -Katarina Nolte "I not only laughed a great deal, but [the book] also gave me a lot to think about." -Michele Barbrow "This was a wild ride. I found parts to be rather upsetting but I think the author really did his homework." -Sher Brown "An incredibly clever and humorous take on the Catholic Church." -ChristophFischerBooks