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Joe Wenke's expose, The Human Agenda: Conversations about Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity, is a must read for anyone seeking insight into the real lives of real members of the LGBTQIA community. Through personal interviews with activists, comedians, film makers, ex-military and more... gay, lesbian, transgendered or inter-sexed, every member of our community gains a voice and an opportunity to not only tell their story, but show to the world. being authentic to yourself is the true agenda for being human. Most memorable for me, the story of a young, gay, black male who upon coming out to his mother, was cast away from the safety of home, to the dark and gritty, real streets of a large city. Through necessity, he learns quickly his youth and good looks afford him sanctuary for the night. Thrilled and excited at first... accepted by the community, he becomes adept at negotiating opportunities to survive and fills his void with the excitement of every variety of gay experience he desires. Alas at age 29, the stark reality that beauty fades and nothing truly lasts forever forces him to look deep within as comes face-to-face with his future, a young man now surrounded by tired and lonely old men in a homeless shelter. Calling home to mother, who even after a decade of not seeing her son, rebukes him again for still being gay. Suggesting he join the military to "make a man out of him", he does, and finds strength to withstand the combines of military life, to become a skilled photographer and videographer. And now is plying his new skills, personal experience as "a pier party kids", to create a real life documentary-style movie of his past. Read the rest of this praise here.
Peter Gallant


"Reading this book Was a Great Learning Experience"
I strongly support equality for all people and have always hated whenever anyone was discriminated against. So I have always been a straight ally for LGBT people. I learned so much from reading The Human Agenda, especially about transgender people. I also have a much better understanding now for how hard it is for a gay or transgender person to come out to their family and friends. It is frightening to think that by sharing who you are with the people you love that you risk losing their love and support. I should add that Joe Wenke is much more than an interviewer. He's a great conversationalist and really draws out all of the very diverse people featured in this book. This is a warm and wonderful read. I couldn't put it down. Highly recommended!
- D. Winston, 02/14/2015

"What I didn't know ..but wanted to"
The topics of sexual orientation and gender identity can sometimes be difficult to understand and discuss. I found the Joe Wenke's book to be profoundly helpful in showing me the distictions and nuances with regard to human sexuality. As a guest on my Bringing Inspiation To Earth radio show Joe was not only informative, but also entertaining. He makes the topic of human sexuality easy to comprehend.
- on 5/12/2015

"A Must Read Book for Everyone" Stunning! I've waited a long time to come across a book like this. It's got to be the first of its kind. The interviews are page engaging, so enlightening and totally heart warming. I loved these stories! I am not part of the LGBTQI community but I have always believed that all of us are equal and connected to each other in our shared humanity. And as diverse as we sometimes think we are from one another, these stories, one after the other show that we all share the very basic human need to be accepted and loved for the person we are and that we all have our individual goals and dreams we long to pursue. The Human Agenda is an enormous and utterly essential contribution to society and to a world that is increasing plagued by intolerance and bigotry. This book is a must read for anyone who truly embraces the notion of equality and all human beings having the 'inalienable right to pursue life, liberty and happiness.' Two thumbs up to Joe Wenke. Highly recommend."
- L.K.G. on 2/14/2015

A wonderful book of interviews that sheds light on this current and evolving societal conversation. Highly recommended.
- Chrissy Honeywell

I appreciated the honest conversations in this book. It is unfortunate that the world we live in has people who are intolerant of others. This book opened my eyes about the struggles LGBT people face. While we might have differences in sexuality and identity, we all share the need of wanting to be loved and accepted.
- Julie French

A wonderful collection of interviews and stories of everyday people. Absolutely engaging and enlightening. This book opens one's eyes to the fact that we are all, all of us, gay, straight, bi, trans, simply human. Wonderful read.
- Matt W.